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"Wisdom begins in wonder"


Welcome to the Inquiring Mind site. Inquiry learning is a passion of mine, I have been implementing it in varying forms since I began my teaching career over 25 years ago. This site is a collection of information, research results and resources about inquiry learning that I compiled during my time as a Ministry of Education e-learning fellow and updated from my ongoing research and experience.

 Jan-Marie Kellow

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If you are interested in having me provide professional development for your school or cluster, check out the Professional Development page.

I have written a chapter for the CORE education book: 'e-learnings: Implementing a National Strategy in Education, 1998 - 2010. My chapter is 'elearning and Inquiry. Available on Kindle on Amazon or as a book at Core Education.

I have developed two new companion sites:

Web Resources For Inquiry and Apps for Inquiry (Android and i-pad apps)

My research and publications now have their own page.

Key Competencies

The key competencies in the new curriculum fit perfectly with inquiry-based learning. If you are interested in developing the thinking skills of your students then check out the Thinking page.

Inquiry-based learning also provides a perfect context for the Participating and Contributing competencies.

Laptops or Desktop Computers? Data projectors? ACTIVboards

If you are unsure about whether to have laptop or desktop computers in your classroom or other ICT hardware decisions then check out the Inquiry and ICT page for my thoughts on the matter. I will shortly be updating this looking at tablets and large screen tvs.

Microsoft Innovative Teachers' Conferences

In March 2007 I visited Singapore and Cambodia where I attended the Microsoft Regional Innovative Teachers' Conference thanks to Microsoft and the Ministry of Education. Winning the New Zealand section of the Asia-Pacific conference gave me the opportunity to travel to Finland for the Worldwide Microsoft Innovative Teachers Forum. More on these conferences here.

Photos from Karen Reynold's class at Opoutere School

Other photos on the site from the classes of Opoutere School teachers Jethro Dyer and Zania Watt

Facebook Group - for discussion and questions relating to inquiry-based learning

Published Work

The full version of my e-fellows research 'ICTs Supporting Inquiry-based Learning'

The condensed version of my research is here

My research on the

Kopu Digital Opportunities project.


 The video of me talking about inquiry from the edtalks site


 Other Sites

My Blog

Web Resources For Inquiry

Apps for Inquiry

My Pinterest boards

The wiki I developed for the Waihi ICTPD cluster has many useful resources.

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