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This page is devoted to sharing solutions to problems encountered by teachers when implementing inquiry-based learning using technology. If you have encountered a problem and found a solution you would like to share with other teachers contact me.


These are the ideas I have found helpful or teachers have suggested to overcome some of the problems they encountered when working on inquiry-based units.

You can use a website or blog to give students easy access to websites:

Sites and Blogs have the option for private spaces that only you and your class can access.

Internet Safety - Some hints for helping to keep kids safe on the net.

Not enough computers - If you don't have a good ratio of computers to students:

  • nBYoD either compulsory or voluntary - make sure you have policies in place first.
    Work in groups
  • nRoster students on computers
  • nAllow more time for the inquiry
  • nFlexible timetabling
  • nMobile laptop or tablet cows shared between classes
  • nUse computers in other classrooms or the library when they are not in use
  • nConsider fundraising to purchase more computers

Students Skills - If students have low levels of skills, especially at the start of the year:

  • Model inquiry/ Shared & Guided inquiry
  • Preview & share links to suitable sites
  • Model & demonstrate note-taking, skim & scan etc.
  • Buddy/partners
  • Peer tutoring

Reading Levels - If students have difficulty reading some of the material on the web:

  • Preview & share links to suitable sites

  • Use child-friendly search engines (eg. KidRex ) and k12 or k-12 in the search terms

  • Used a wide variety of resources including books, videos, interviewing people, visits etc. Multimedia resources are especially useful

  • Students work with a more able buddy

  • Teacher or students record articles

  • Shared reading of difficult sites

    Use Text to Speech options such as Speech selection on ipads
    Investigate UDL options

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